Pipper, first canine tourist, immortalized in comics

The famous dog expands his mission to make the country a more pet-friendly place

Spain’s most famous canine tourist, Pipper, who has criss-crossed the country promoting dog-friendly places, has now been made into a comic book. This unique traveller is the star of ‘Las aventuras de Pipper”, a fun story that appeals to readers of all ages. The comic takes place in the real settings where Pipper has been that admit well-behaved pets (museums, castles, transport, restaurants, etc.).
The purpose of the book is to teach children and adults values such as the responsibility of having a pet, the need to train it, the integration of dogs in people’s everyday lives, and caring for nature.
In the first volume of the collection, Pipper and the Mysterious Secret Order, the protagonist will have to travel around different parts of Spain to unravel a strange case, accompanied by his inseparable furry friends, and by other not so furry – or friendly – characters. The story is the work of Pamplona-born Julia Montejo and San Sebastian journalist Pablo Muñoz Gabilondo (Pipper’s human being). Illustrador Ismael Cañadilla from Toledo was responsible for bringing the characters to life.

Dog-Friendly Destinations
The best-travelled canine in Spain is known as the first to cross the country in search of pet-friendly places (from the towers of the Salamanca Cathedral to the San Isidoro Museum in León – the Sistine Chapel of the Romanesque – to Barcelona’s Casa Batlló, to Monte Igueldo in San Sebastian, and much, much more).
The comic starts in San Sebastian, pointing out that there’s even a ticket for pets to ride the funicular and that dogs are allowed to play on the beaches in the off-season (in many cities beaches are off-limits to dogs all year round). Donostia stands out for its pet policy on city buses – they’re welcome as long as they can be held on your lap – and for the growing number of bars and restaurants that open their doors to well-trained dogs.



22,000 km and 50 destinations
Visitors to www.pippertour.com can view the many dog-friendly attractions, public transport options, hotels and more. The website also invites people to share their dog-friendly travel experiences. In fact, thanks to Pipper’s travels, certain places have adapted to the trend of travelling with pets, such as the Carriage Museum in Seville, the city wall and puppet collection in Segovia, and the boat that crosses the Arribes del Duero from Vilvestre, Salamanca.
During his first tour of Spain, Pipper covered more than 22,000 km and 50 destinations in every region. That was from May 2018 to July 2019. Last September he set out on his second journey. This time he’ll visit 20 new Spanish destinations and a few cities in Germany, France and Italy to find out how families in some of the world’s most dog-friendly countries travel with their pets. You can follow Pipper on his blog and social networks (@pipperontour), where he’s followed by over 70,000 people.



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