The Navarre Wine Route, a fusion of culture and gastronomy

The Navarre Wine Route offers tourists a perfect blend of medieval villages, magnificent scenery, excellent local wine, and a superb range of professional, top-quality wineries and accommodation, inviting them to immerse themselves in the culture of wine, the good life and fine cuisine of the Navarre region.


In the wineries along the Navarre Wine Route you’ll discover crisp whites, delightful rosés, and excellent reds with the Navarre D.O. (Designation of Origin) label. Behind every glass of wine there are a thousand and one experiences to guarantee you take away stand-out memories of your stay. Adventures include visits to centuries-old wineries, grape-picking excursions, unlocking the secrets of good winemaking, or simply enjoying a stroll through the vineyards. You can also take part in yoga or tai-chi workshops, go for a short hike or enjoy some horseback-riding among the vines.

Photo: Javier Campos

Tourists will find a wide range of boutique hotels located in fascinating historical locations throughout the area, such as Olite, Artajona, Ujué, Mendigorría and the area around the Castle of Javier. Staying in one is almost a sine qua non if you want to experience the true magic of the Wine Route, because in Navarre, wine culture and heritage extends well beyond the wineries and permeates the region’s towns and villages.


Photo: Javier Campos


The Wine Route also offers a wealth of fascinating heritage sites, traces of the past which attest to the region’s prominent role in the history of Spain. Examples include the Royal Palace of Olite, the walled town of Artejona, Ujué, the Oliva Monastery, the Roman bridge at Puente la Reina, the Church of Santa María de Eunate, and the Romanesque architecture of Valdorba. Vestiges of other ages include the abandoned medieval town of Rada, The Archaeological Site and Iron Age Museum of Las Eretas, the Andelos Archaelogical site in Mendigorría – an excellent example of a complete Roman water supply system. Last but not least, nature lovers won’t want to miss the Bardenas Reales Natural Park.

Good wine should always be accompanied with good food. The restaurants along the Wine Route specialise in farm-to-fork, seasonal cuisine showcasing produce from the famed Navarre market gardens, blending aromas and flavours in a marriage between modern and traditional, all perfectly paired with the best D.O. Navarra wines.


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